Matt, Summer Intern (Wholesale Credit Risk)

The opportunities and resources provided to me have far exceeded my Internship expectations at Barclays.

As my fellow cohort of interns approach the mid-way point of our program, I know I won’t be the only one wondering where the time has gone. Over the past four weeks of my internship I have continued to make an impact within the Wholesale Credit Risk team. Be it compiling calculation methodology reports for various portfolio limits to present to the Board, summarising the team’s work on Brexit for the CRO of the Investment Bank or tackling the range of ad hoc projects thrown my way. My workload has definitely been varied and challenging at Barclays!

Towards the end of my fourth week, my ability to adapt was tested, having to work around changing circumstances on projects – including one a senior leader – whilst ensuring I continued to deliver excellent results.

Conversing with senior leaders alongside other Risk interns gave me the opportunity to see how Risk permeates all of the Barclays Group. I have been taken aback by how receptive those in other divisions are to meet and detail their route into the bank and some of their ongoing projects. Moving forward, I plan to build on the extensive network I have established, making the most of my relationships formed with Directors in Model Development and Market Risk. This includes utilising the shadowing sessions I have organised to understand which areas within Risk excite me.

The opportunities and resources provided have far exceeded what I was expecting, and I can’t wait to tackle the next curveball that comes my way!