Macarena Velasco

2 months as an intern, 1 year and 4 months as a full time employee, A full career path ahead.

So, what was so special for me when I applied to Barclays?

What I liked the most is that, it doesn't matter where you come from, at Barclays you have all the necessary tools and colleagues to learn from and be successful.

I interned in London and then started as a full time employee in Madrid, my home town. The offices are completely different, but, the working style is exactly the same and I love my role working as a sales person in the rates team. 

I studied law and business administration at university and I had no markets background. What’s more, it's very challenging to find a trading floor from an international bank in Spain. I was entering a world totally new to me.

Maybe I was just lucky, but I do have an amazing team, and this amazing team has been in Barclays for nine years or more. This inspires me to believe that I can be like them and develop a successful career here. Barclays is a firm that invests in its employees, especially in its graduates, and it is eager to see them grow and see them become leaders of the future. You will meet many of these examples all over the bank.

One very important thing I have learned, is that to truly be part of the extraordinary culture here, you have to make an effort to go beyond what people expect from you. As an example, this year we've launched the Iberia Citizenship team and WiN (Women’s Initiative Network) Iberia, two incredible projects that enable colleagues to contribute their help to society and diversity in our regional office. If you have the initiative, Barclays will support you.

So, my advice to anyone in a similar situation to me is, do not be reluctant to apply to a UK Bank because you have a background different to finance, or because you are thinking about working in different locations to London. Barclays is eager to give you the chance as it did it with me, it's not about what you know before entering the firm, but your capacity to learn and to be a successful employee.