I came across the Barclays Markets Insight game as I was looking for a way I could put my interest in the markets into practise: Stockfuse did not disappoint! The platform is highly intuitive – it’s very easy to begin trading, regardless of your level of existing experience. Stockfuse was also very wide-ranging – I was not simply picking a stock arbitrarily but instead, researching the company in detail, compiling an investment thesis and deciding on a stop-loss, and investment horizon. It was this blending of a platform that was both easy to use and comprehensive that made Stockfuse so enjoyable and engaging for me. Stockfuse also gives you the flexibility to trade how you want: it’s fast-paced, allowing for more volatile day-trading, but is equally conducive to longer-term perspectives and more fundamental analysis. Wherever your investment interests lie – from trading to research – Stockfuse provides an unparalleled opportunity to put theory into practise. I would advise other players to take advantage of this unique flexibility and play around with different strategy options before settling on what works best for you – it’s rare that you’ll get the chance to refine your skills in such a risk-free environment. As one of the two winners for this round in EMEA, I was invited to Barclays’ head office in London where I gained further insight into a sales and trading career through speaking with professionals from across the trading floor and recruitment. What definitely struck me from my visit was Barclays’ friendly culture, and how keen they are to nurture new talent. I was impressed in particular by how willing traders and salespeople were to spend time with us, which I think aptly demonstrates Barclays’ supportive culture.