Louis Constant

As I've said before, a top tier global investment bank like Barclays relies heavily on technology for nearly all of its operations. It’s a vital part of the investment bank and, as a result, in order to stay competitive in this incredibly challenging and fast paced environment, Barclays needs to attract the brightest and most talented engineers at all levels – from graduates up to managing directors.

In Technology at Barclays, you’re surrounded by some of the field’s brightest minds. From major contributors to GNU/Linux coders.  From pioneers who helped to define technologies like UML and NoSQL to patent holders and other globally-recognised thought leaders. Technologists at all levels across the organisation are playing a role in the evolution of the industry. 

Technology at Barclays is led by people passionate about engineering solutions, and the many new graduates that the organisation recruits in each cycle join a forward-thinking environment that prides itself on being at the leading-edge of the industry.                

In support of this, Barclays organises a number of technology-focused events throughout the year to cultivate and enrich its tech culture. We have a tech expo, for example, which is open to all employees, where representatives of different functions within Technology can demo projects they’re proud of.  There are also a number of seminars and presentations on technologies and industry trends with guest speakers.  There’s always something going on which I think really demonstrates Barclays’ commitment to this important division.  Our latest event is a Hackathon in November – check out joinus.barclays.com/openminds

Technologically, Barclays is at the top of its game and can be a very exciting place to begin a career.