Louis Constant

Technology at Barclays is much larger than I imagined, with a very wide variety of projects in development in their respective teams.

There aren’t many companies with this level of breadth in terms of the technical work they do.

Because there are so many products and services that a multi-national investment bank like Barclays offers to its clients, not to mention all of the internal systems and interfaces it maintains, the underlying technology across the organisation is highly diverse in nature.  We have a huge amount of data to generate, process and store, clients to provide services for and global activities to support.  

What this means as a new joiner at Barclays is that there's a lot of choice with regards to the kinds of technologies available to work with.  My current team develops one of the company’s primary trading platforms.  While a lot of our stack consists of interlinking components written in C++ (for performance reasons - timing is crucial), I’m currently working on an internal project involving XLST to generate HTML and style it with CSS - I like making things pretty.

Just about any technology you can think of is at use somewhere in the organisation – from .NET to Java, to lower-level C and C++, to web technologies like AJAX and Silverlight, to slightly more out-there stuff like NoSQL.  And on your graduate rotations and permanent placement, you’re offered the choice as to what kind of team to join.  You’re sure to be able to find something that suits you and your interests.