Lottie Crabb

Last week I was lucky enough to accompany Mike Hill (Community Leader for the City of London) to a meeting with Ashok Vaswani (CEO for Retail and Business Banking.)

Mike and I have been working on a project for the past couple of months so I was delighted when this opportunity arose. The project is centred on exploring how Barclays branches and their role in the community will evolve. It is fascinating to think about what new technologies may exist in the next 10 years and yet also what technologies will become less significant.

In the meeting we discussed the role of the branch in the next decade and what it might look like. It was brilliant to hear the thoughts of such an influential figure, not only in the company but also the banking industry, and I felt fortunate that I was able to express my thoughts to him. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting; besides being an exciting opportunity it was also remarkably thought provoking. It is very interesting to consider where the future of the bank is headed but it us just as interesting to see how far we’ve already come.

I am also currently working on a Regional Values Project with a team of Barclays Degree Programme Trainees, which involves visiting a large number of the Region’s branches. I have really revelled in the opportunity to go out and meet so many of our wider Barclays team. It has been great to see how hard everyone is working to embed Barclays values and I hope that my project group and I can come up with some recommendations to help all our colleagues live and breathe the Barclays values; Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence & Stewardship.

In addition to this project, I am also working on numerous others, which are aimed at helping next year’s Barclays Degree Programme Trainees transition smoothly into the business. These projects provide brilliant opportunities to develop my team working skills and help me network with a wide range of Barclays employees. I feel very lucky to be on the Barclays Degree Programme, It offers diversity, variation and so many incredible opportunities and that is why I love my job.