Laura Hawkhead

The panel speaker event that I mentioned in my previous blog has now been and gone, and what an event it was! The event was hosted by the Barclays Graduates Network, which comprises graduates from every business within Barclays.

The network was created at the start of 2013 with the intention of developing a stronger sense of community among Barclays graduates. In doing this, we aim to help everyone to enhance their knowledge and understanding of other business units and foster relationships across the bank.

The unified Barclays agenda is driven from the top down, beginning with Antony Jenkins and the Barclays Executive Committee. However, we realised that in order to promote a culture based on our purpose and values, the agenda must also be driven from the ground up, beginning with each and every one of us.

As part of the event, five senior leaders from across the Barclays Group provided insight into their leadership and career journeys, offered advice and shared their vision on how we can work together to embed the Barclays culture successfully.

The room in London was jam-packed with graduates and there were other colleagues watching via video conferencing from locations including New York, Lithuania and South Africa. Hector, a Wealth and Investment Management graduate, kicked off proceedings with a lively introduction, welcoming both the panel and attendees.

We structured the event around three key themes:

1)    Starting Early: What advice can you give young, enthusiastic future leaders on how to develop our leadership skills from the outset of our careers when efforts to display initiative and leadership may be misunderstood?

2)    Leadership Styles: How would you classify your leadership style and how has it evolved over time?

3)    Leadership at Barclays: How can we drive positive change in the organisation in line with our Values and how do we incentivise leaders to act in a responsible way?

The panel members were lively in their commentary and didn’t hold back from addressing challenging questions. This resulted in excellent feedback from fellow graduates.

We are already planning the next Barclays Graduates event for Q1 of 2014!

Watch this space for more details.