Laura Hawkhead

I can’t quite believe that it has been almost a month since I joined Pete Horrell’s (CEO of Wealth and Investment Management) Chief of Staff team; the time has absolutely flown by!

I have moved into a fantastic apartment in Canary Wharf and can walk to the office in 15 minutes.

I was lucky enough to hit the ground running, and was invited to attend Wealth and Investment Management Executive Committee’s fortnightly meeting in my first week on the job. Spending four jam-packed hours with the bank’s key decision makers was an eye-opener, as was the reality of trying to keep up with everything that was discussed whilst also keeping detailed minutes!

The rotation has so far proved to be very different to the previous year that I have spent on the graduate scheme. The biggest change is that I have met many colleagues, both in W&IM and across the wider Barclays group, whereas previously I had a lot of client interaction. Currently, I am working closing with the internal events team, planning the CEO’s international trips for 2014, and also with the internal communications team to help finalise details of an all-colleague townhall that will follow our Q3 results.

My other big project at the moment is the ‘One Barclays’ panel speaker event that a number of graduates across the group have also recently teamed up to organise. As part of the event, Valerie Soranno Keating (CEO, Barclaycard), Paula Quintana (MD, UK Retail and Business Banking), John Winter (CEO, Corporate Banking), Patrick Clackson (CEO, Corporate and Investment Bank for EMEA) and Pete Horrell (CEO, Wealth and Investment Management) will provide insight into their leadership and career journeys, offer advice and share their vision on how we can work together to embed the ‘One Barclays’ culture successfully.

The event, to be held in Canary Wharf, will connect over 300 graduates across the globe by video conference, allowing them direct access to the organisation’s senior leaders. On the day, (other than running around like a headless chicken!), I will be ensuring that all of the sessions are punctual and helping to facilitate questions that may come in on the phone lines or by email across the globe.

The One Barclays Graduate network is important to ensure we successfully leverage the open architecture of the Barclays Group. We hope to organise frequent presentations and events in 2014 which will encourage open dialogues and group networks to grow.

Next blog will have more details of the event itself!