Kyle McQueen

We would like to introduce to you Kyle McQueen the winner of the TARGETJobs Rising Star award.

The TARGETJobs Awards are the largest graduate recruitment awards in the UK with the winners determined exclusively by students voting for the 28 different awards. 

Kyle McQueen started on the FLDP at Barclays in September 2012 and has been a force for change for Diversity & Inclusion right from the start.

The Future Leadership Development Programme (FLDP) is designed to attract people with the potential to be Barclays leaders of the future. It is full of incredible young people, with drive, ambition and talent. To stand out in this kind of company takes something truly special. That’s what Kyle McQueen has shown us.

25% of the LGBT population are still not comfortable coming out at work. 2.4 million people have witnessed verbal abuse against this population in the workplace*. That’s the reality we’re faced with. And it’s one that Kyle has set about tackling with true determination.

Kyle is passionate about raising awareness for his and other minority groups, so people can be proud to be who they are.

 *Figures from Stonewall

Kyle’s background

As a young gay man, Kyle was keen to get involved in the LGBT network, which at Barclays is called Spectrum. He began a journey that would have a global impact on Diversity & Inclusion across the business.

Kyle's Achievements  

Helping to change the whole programme

Kyle decided that, in order to be true Future Leaders, they needed to bring the D & I agenda to the forefront of the graduate programme.  His belief is that, even if you are not a member of a minority group yourself, it is vital that you know the issues these groups have to face so that you can manage and interact with teams effectively.

His business plan involved setting up a session within the FLDP induction for each new intake, whereby senior members of the D & I team would present to new graduates from all over the world.  This would be followed by a networking session to allow participants to ask questions and get to know the representatives and their work better.

The results 

Kyle presented to senior members of the D & I team, HR and the FLDP Programme Management team and persuaded them to take time out of their busy schedules to give the attention the project needed.

Kyle also set up a committee with an FLDP champion from each of the five pillars of D & I within Barclays.  These are:

·       Gender

·       LGBT

·       Disability

·       Multicultural

·       Multigenerational

The session was extremely popular and has become an integral part of the induction for the FLDP at Barclays. Kyle’s dream is for the induction to be truly integrated across the other clusters of the business, not just the Retail Bank, and he is already in the process of collaborating with the other clusters to make this a reality.