Kesh Bakrania - Northampton Summer Intern

“I would recommend a summer internship to anyone keen on imagining the future and how it will be developed.”

I’m currently working as a Technology Summer Intern Analyst at Barclays in Northampton, after just completing my second year at King’s College London studying Mathematics.

When I first started looking into doing an internship, as a technology enthusiast, I naturally thought of all the big tech companies. I was keen to get involved in making the most of tools available to us today, whilst driving change by innovating the technology of tomorrow. But after reading more into the companies doing industry-leading work in technological innovation, Barclays' name kept appearing. I was quite interested in finding out how my passion for technology might be able to work with my academic background in mathematics, which led to my pursuit of an internship with Barclays.

Over the course of my internship, I have had the privilege of working on a range of projects relating to everything from Brexit and Journey To Excellence to data issues and GDPR. All have taught me valuable lessons and the chance to put different skills into action, whilst working with people across the globe of varying role and rank. It was extremely easy to approach people for help or insight, and I also learnt that coffee meetings are a great way to start the day.

It has been an incredible experience working with the people responsible for innovations like contactless payment, Pingit, Barclays Mobile Banking and bPay, and being able to hear about their personal and professional lives alike. This internship has been a tremendous opportunity to engage with the world of corporate work and gain first-hand experience in what it would be like to work in the world of technology. I would definitely recommend it to anyone keen on imagining the future and how it will be developed.