My first week at Barclays

Kartik shares his experiences in his first week of the Markets internship at Barclays.

What could be more exciting than starting a banking internship that you have coveted since first year of university? Being addressed by the Group CEO of the bank on your first day. That is exactly the dream start that the Barclays 2016 summer interns received.

As we filled into the training venue, sharply dressed in our newly acquired professional attire, the excitement was palpable. New faces all around; we waited eagerly for the presentations to start. Soon, we were given talks by senior staff of the bank on a plethora of interesting topics which was followed by technical training. Our first day was capped off by Jes Staley in a talk which shed light on the bank’s strategy.

The second and third days, both full of training, passed by in a flash. The litany of presentations which covered Barclays’ history, the various functions of a bank and an overview of all the asset classes resulted in a quarter of our notebooks filled and our pens emptied.

With the fourth day, began the real assessment. My first day at the desk consisted of meeting my colleagues, learning about the product traded and realising that the learning curve is indeed very steep. The last day of the first week was more of the same; learning about the product and interacting with the desk. Overall, it was an enjoyable and insightful first week. Hopefully next week brings more excitement and a greater understanding of the product.