Julie Stanzl

Earlier this week I had the privileged opportunity to meet some of the Corporate and Investment Bank’s clients.

The group of senior delegates had travelled half way across the world to meet us, looking to gain our insight into the regulatory changes affecting the banking industry and to learn more about the Transform programme, Antony Jenkins’ strategy to become the 'Go-To' bank.  

We welcomed them for traditional afternoon tea and heard from several senior speakers, including the Head of Debt Investor Relations, the Head of Funding & Liquidity and the Head of Liquidity Solutions, who were each able to offer a unique perspective on the challenges facing Barclays and the wider industry.  It was also interesting to hear from the delegates about how regulation is affecting the industry in their home country. 

As we left the meeting room, I noticed the corridor was lined with portraits of each of Barclays’ past and present Chairmen. It made me realise the history that Barclays has built – serving customers and clients since 1690. Fitting then, that our current Chairman Sir David Walker, has today launched ‘The Barclays Way’, which sets out what it means to be a Barclays employee, and the standards expected of us all. 

This is one step on our journey to becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank, which will ultimately mean we become a better place for customers and clients to do business, and we can continue to build on relationships such as those we have built with the Indonesian clients I met last week.