Julie Stanzl

A dedicated and ambitious maths graduate and trainee accountant. I am driven by challenge, and a passion to continuously develop.

Hello everyone! I’m Julie. I joined Barclays last year as part of the Finance Future Leaders Development Programme, straight from University – I studied Maths at Exeter. For me, the decision to join Barclays was easy. I felt the progressive, customer-centric culture and Antony Jenkins’ vision to make Barclays a more socially responsible bank was something I could truly support. I’ll be blogging regularly about my experiences as a graduate at Barclays .

For the past six months I've been working in Investor Relations, a team at the forefront of delivering Barclays' vision to become the 'Go-To' bank for one of our largest stakeholders - our shareholders. Day to day we build and maintain effective relationships between Barclays and our major shareholders and as part of this role we are heavily involved in preparing and communicating our quarterly results announcements.

At the recent Interim Results, I was responsible for creating the presentation used by Antony Jenkins, Group Chief Executive, and former Group Financial Director Chris Lucas, to communicate our financial results to the market. I was involved with everything from ensuring the high level messages and key drivers of our financial performance were communicated effectively, to liaising with senior members of our legal and finance teams to ensure accuracy, through to working with a graphic consultant on the visual design of the presentation. 

For me, this experience was one of the highlights of my placement so far - not only was the work high profile, involving the most senior leaders within the bank, but I was also able to influence the way we communicate with our shareholders.

This communication is of paramount importance as we continue our journey to become the 'Go-To' bank. If we want to be the instinctive partner of choice for all of our stakeholders, we must ensure our communication with them is open, honest and that we continuously adapt to provide them with what they need. Being able to see these qualities encompassed in the finished product was a particularly satisfying moment for me, and I look forward to seeing how I can help build on this at our next results announcement in October.