Jenni Middlehurst

Both of my rotations on the technology graduate scheme involved some exposure to project management. I always thought project management was telling people what to do and letting them get on with it. In reality its far from that.

Project management is a discipline when every day requires solving problems and building effective relationships within complex dynamics of a virtual team (people that don’t directly report to you). 

A common misconception with project management is that a project manager is always “the leader”, sometimes this is true, however, sometimes as a project manager and especially as a recent grad, you may be the least senior person in the team. Therefore its useful to think of a project manager as a member of the team responsible for creating clear project objectives and managing the constraints of the project management triangle- cost, time and quality.

My current role is within operational environmental delivery and my role as a project manager involves me managing the day to day running of several projects within a larger programme. The role involves the migration of business applications to new infrastructure. It requires me to understand business needs/ requirements and then to work with technical teams to schedule, test and migrate applications and users.  It’s important to keep the business (clients) happy whilst keeping within the bounds of technology, which can be challenging as both may have conflicting interests.

I really enjoy the variety that project management offers and the opportunity to meet new people. Therefore it made sense to explore and enhance my knowledge of the processes within project management by undertaking formal training.  

I thought when I had finished university that I would never have to sit an exam again. I was wrong. However, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I was keen to supplement my work experiences with some theory and to get a professional qualification off the back of this seemed a great idea. Barclays sponsored me to undertake an APMP course which started with some introductory training days, then gaining the introductory certificate and culminating in a 3 hour project management exam I had last Friday. I am still awaiting the results….

The professional qualification has provided me with a stronger background in project management and tangible techniques/ processes I can bring to my projects. I think it’s great that Barclays have endorsed the training as great for my personal and technical development. I look forward to receiving my results and planning my next qualification to undertake!