Jenni Middlehurst

Hi, I’m Jenni and I'm a Project Manager in Corporate Technology.

My path to technology hasn’t been all that straight forward. As a confused A-level student I kept my options open by choosing mixed A-levels; Graphics, Maths and Biology. After sixth form I took a year out before beginning at the University of Birmingham studying Biological Sciences, specialising in microbiology. I enjoyed using all the different software and data tools which lead me to think about a career in technology.  

I chose to join Barclays because of the well-known brand and the culture across the bank. Corporate banking seemed like a great place to start and the graduate scheme was a great opportunity to explore different areas of technology. It sounds like a cliché but I really have learnt so much this year. I’ve learnt how to manage my own projects, from the documentation that needs to be in place but also the “softer skills”, influencing and building good relationships with people I work with. 

The last year has gone so quickly. 12 months ago I was enjoying my final summer of freedom before embarking on my professional career.  In September 2012 I joined the Barclays Corporate technology graduate programme and I’ve had a fantastic experience so far.

Antony Jenkins was appointed CEO just before I joined Barclays and his vision and core values have been transforming Barclays into the Go-To bank. One of the values which particularly resonates with me is Stewardship as this drives the bank to deliver sustainable results, while providing excellent service. This has been showcased when Barclays builds relationships with charities, trusts and organisations. Barclays employees are encouraged to volunteer at our charity partners, and working at Barclays has meant I have been able to get involved with community projects; helping some incredible people, businesses and charities.

I wanted to share one of my experiences so far.

As a member of the Reach Disability Awareness events committee I put myself forward to volunteer at an awareness event. I was up early on a Sunday Morning and at 8am I arrived at London Zoo on Special Children’s Day. Special Children's Day welcomes children with special needs and their families to ZSL London Zoo. Barclays staff were responsible for assisting with special interactive events such as arts and crafts,  handing out visitor information and singing hands- children’s songs accompanied by sign language. 

My highlight of the day was dressing up in a lioness costume and being laughed at by lots of children and handing out high fives and waves. I even had a ride on the carousel in the costume. The event attracted almost 9,000 visitors this year  which was a significant increase on last year’s attendance and far beyond expectations. It was amazing to be part of such a great event and a privilege to work for a company that endorses these activities.