Jemmima Lim - London Spring Week Class of 2018

Barclays Spring Week is a rewarding experience for people who are excited about tech.

As an Economics student at the University of Warwick, I’m enthusiastic about using technology for good and stretching my imagination to make things better than before. With my passion being in tech entrepreneurship, I completed a full tech internship at Barclays this spring.

I decided to attend the Barclays Tech Spring Week because I want to understand and gain experience across the business’s cutting-edge technology – studying how they’re brought to market and the latest development platforms used to build them. I’m also keen to explore a career within technology and build my network.

One of the best parts of Spring Week was the insights and work shadowing sessions. We visited Barclays’ Radbroke technology campus, where it only takes three days to prototype an idea, and the Command Centre where everything that happens on Twitter and Facebook is monitored. I was really impressed that Barclays is at the forefront of corporate social responsibility initiatives as well. Some staff have been working on bringing Raspberry Pi, a basic computer, to children in South Africa.

My biggest learning outcome so far is how we can manifest Barclays values (RISES - Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship) into our workplace behaviours. For example, one of the activities during Spring Week was folding paper cranes. My team constantly think of better ways of doing things. Therefore, we made the most of the review time between two rounds to improve our performances. In this case, we hoped to produce more paper cranes. We decided to have two production lines with each of us performing a certain method of folding. We respected each other’s opinion and managed to fold the most paper cranes.

Attending Barclays Spring Week is undoubtedly a rewarding experience. I understand what I need to do to build a successful career, thanks to the project work, presentations, workshops and interactive skill sessions. I would definitely recommend this programme to those who are excited about tech and want to be part of the future.