Jane Clark

There is an autumnal nip in the air in London and an unmistakeable ‘back to school’ feeling.

For some of you, it’s a time to start thinking about university options and nailing that all-important personal statement.

For others, it will be surviving Fresher’s week; meeting lots of new people; doing the necessary admin like registering at the university library; and finding the best university societies to join – which, when you’re thinking about your future career, will give you all sorts of extra ‘softer’ skills to talk about and (more importantly) something other than study to occupy your time.

I love this time of year. For me, it’s a time of renewal and opportunity. Why wait until January to make resolutions and promises when we can make them now?

This was very much on the minds of our first HR apprentices who joined this week and will be working with us for the next three years. I so enjoyed meeting them all recently and was inspired to hear about the wide range of backgrounds they’ve come from and the different challenges they had overcome. Some were moving to London for the first time, which can be pretty scary, but I also met someone who had already worked at Barclays in a different area and had been determined to look past the end of their nose and seek out new opportunities for development – something we all need to do.

With that in mind, my objectives for this Autumn term are going to be:

Work – ‘Find 40’ – a pledge for everyone at Barclays to find 40 hours or more each year for personal development. I’ve embarked on a life coach course

Rest – Learn to meditate. A girlfriend of mine has embarked on this journey and is raving about the benefits

Play – Getting ski-fit for my holiday in the New Year.

I’d love to hear about yours.