Hugh Battrick

One of the reasons why I was attracted to the Barclays Wealth and Investment Management Graduate Programme was due to the way it has been structured.

It allows graduates the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of areas across the business.

In April, I will start my first six month rotation. This year was a little different compared with previous years as graduates had to formally apply and interview for their first choice placement. This is a unique feature of our scheme and a great development opportunity because it provides the chance to gain new application and interview skills and to develop specialised investment knowledge. I would testify firsthand how much more you are able to participate when you start to build knowledge and the interview process has already kick started my learning for the next rotation. 

At first, the idea of applying for a rotation position seemed a bit daunting. Pulling out my CV to update it felt like being back at university applying for my first job and I have never found formal interviews a fun experience!

Fortunately the Graduate Development team arranged a speed networking event in November to help us to find out more about the different opportunities available. We had fifteen minutes with each of the hiring managers or representatives of the teams we could be joining, giving us the chance to find out more detail about the positions and what kind of candidates they were looking for.

First hand expertise 

The networking event also provided a chance to meet the current graduates on rotation. After hearing about their experiences, it was obvious whether the position was going to be a role that I could see myself doing. It was a great way to get us excited about the different opportunities and we received some useful advice to help our applications. On a personal note, it was also an opportunity to see all the regional graduates that we hadn’t seen since the initial training programme that summer; it was great to see old friends

Throughout the process our more senior colleagues encouraged us to network internally outside of the event to learn more about how the business works as a whole and to develop a presence. I have found that if you express a genuine interest, people are very happy to make time for you and to talk about their business area. This was good preparation for choosing what rotation I wanted to apply for as even the most senior manager will stop and chat with you when it is your turn for that all important tea run!

Finally, the application process has provided me with further insight into what my ideal role would be. My ideal job is constantly varied; where no two day are the same. Starting a completely new role in a few weeks definitely matches this! I can see the long term career benefits that rotating will provide me with when I finish the graduate scheme. I will have more varied experience to call upon which is important in the constantly evolving Financial Services industry and will (hopefully) be able to point to new successes.

I can’t wait to start - here’s to making the most of new opportunities!