Howard Wimpory - Financial Crime Operation

I’m Howard Wimpory and I work in Financial Crime Operation. I think the first thing that strikes most people about that is - it’s obviously a very contemporary issue. Basically, every international payment that goes in and out of the bank is screened to make sure it’s not going to people it shouldn’t.

At the same time, if there are sanctions on a country, that information is fed into our systems too, and then every payment is checked to make sure it’s not going there. So, when world leaders reach for sanctions as a way to regulate, the associated workload comes to us.

I enjoy making a difference – I enjoy the sense that by choosing the work I do, I’m improving our shield against financial crime. It means we’re keeping the company and our clients safe, and we’re doing it in a more efficient way all the time.

I also genuinely believe that if you’re attracted to change and innovation, you won’t find a better place. No two years are ever the same: I think you could look back a year or two and see that the operations you’re managing will look materially different; the processes will improve, the controls you’re operating will change. Personally, I’ve got a low boredom threshold, and the pace of change here keeps me excited. We’re constantly innovating to be better than we used to be.

The culture too is one of high performance. We’ve got high standards and we want people to determine their own future. We want them to be naturally curious about the job they’re doing; to say, ‘Why am I doing this; how could it be better; what if we see it this way?’ - and to make new opportunities for themselves.