Han Long Yeoh – Singapore

I am excited to provide an update!

As I highlighted in a previous blog, this is a program where we work in partnership with Junior Achievement (a non-profit organization) to mentor a group of students from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore on how to set up and run a real company.

After the first few sessions where we (volunteers) took a more proactive approach in steering the agendas of the meetings, we gradually took a step back and empowered the students to encourage them to take more initiative. The various functions (Finance, Human Resources, and Public Relations etc) within the company are now fully established with function leaders regularly communicating with each other.

After discussing several products based on their marketability, the students have made tremendous progress from the initial concept of a mobile application to its actual development. They have also gone on to develop several other complementary product lines and have achieved remarkable sales from these as well.

I find myself constantly inspired by the high level of passion and commitment shown by the students as they juggle their other commitments. As we progress towards the final few mentoring sessions, I am looking forward to working with the students to see where they can improve on efficiency and the overall success of their company in preparation of their competition. I am confident that they will be proud of what they achieve when the program comes to a conclusion eventually!