My first week at Barclays

Gary shares his experiences on the first week of the Barclays UK internship.

My first week at Barclays has been very intense and action-packed. After securing this amazing opportunity, I was surprisingly very nervous on the first day. It was a really interesting first day, I met all the other interns and we were given presentations on various topics such as our compliance duties as employees.

At the end of our induction Jes Staley, group CEO, was invited in to deliver a powerful speech to the whole cohort of interns. It touched on how banking progressed through the times, and Interns could be part of the future. I took this opportunity to ask a question regarding how the recession had negatively affected public perception of bankers. Jes reassured me that progress is being made.

Later in the week we were given a full day’s worth of financial markets training and cyber security training which were valuable, interactive and delivered by subject experts. For the remainder of the week I was based in the Global Corporate Inbounds team, where I met my team and started to understand how Barclays deal with UK subsidiaries and treasuries of parent companies. It has been a great experience so far; I hope more of the same is to come!