Gabriela-Theodora Popescu - Functions Summer Intern

The excellent reputation of Barclays and its successful strategies motivated me to work here.

The summer internship represents for me more than a new section in the CV. It was a great experience, where I developed new skills, which I was not aware of until now. I accumulated practical information in audit, learning from people’s successful experiences, and I fathomed my theoretical knowledge previously learnt.   

My journey with Barclays started from the Spring week. The excellent reputation of Barclays and its successful strategies motivated me to work here. The Spring week opened up new horizons for me, as I got an insight into all divisions. I shadowed employees from Finance and Internal Audit(BIA). I enjoyed very much the time spent in BIA, seeing some of the projects that the person was working on. As a consequence, I decided to do the summer internship in BIA.

Being an intern in BIA helps you develop both professionally and personally, as you are helped by your learning and development(L&D) manager as well as the whole team. I set up regular catch-up meetings with my buddy, mentor, L&D and line managers who were assigned to me. They each guided me to think and act independently.

Throughout the internship, I attended various trainings, where I found out more about the Barclays’ structure, sanctions, regulations and fraud. Moreover, there are many intern speaker series or networking events with graduates and directors. Make the most of all these sessions, prepare before the meetings and ask questions about their work or journey within the department. All these helped me improve my financial knowledge.

I had the chance to deliver a presentation about my activities in the Information Security team to the BIA interns in the USA, through a video conference. We shared our experience throughout the internship.

In addition, I attended a Scrum Master training for 2 days, where I learnt more about Agile, its role and importance in BIA, and how to apply it when auditing. All these I could then put in practice in the audits I worked on.

Adaptability is a key aspect if you would like to work here. You need to respect all the deadlines and make sure you meet and, if possible, exceed the clients’ requirements and expectations. 

I was really happy that I could work on 2 different audits with the Corporate and Technology Payments team during my internship, an attestation audit and a standard one. As part of these, I attended meetings with the stakeholders, which helped me improve my communication skills. You need to be very clear and concise in everything you are discussing with them. I always ask for feedback for my work in order to ensure that I deliver the best possible output within the deadline.

Another activity which I enjoyed very much was the “Meet the D&MD” initiative, through which I had the chance to meet with 3 directors and 1 managing director from different teams. Consequently, I got an overview of how to decide which type of audit to do as well as discussing artificial intelligence and its great impact on cyber security, as well as the bank as a whole.

During the internship, do not be afraid to ask questions, be curious. Everyone is open to share with you their ideas on various topics or to help you in finding the most efficient way to complete a specific task.

Barclays is a very welcoming place to work and is waiting for you to join us. I encourage everyone to give it a go and apply, because you gain experience and you can also build your network. This summer internship is an unmissable experience that you will never come across again.