12 days in and counting...

No day has been the same, that’s just one thing that Fisayo loves about her Barclays Summer Internship so far.

Week 2! Overall… great. It’s been another long week filled with training, meetings, Excel and more Excel. This week I’ve been really active in completing tasks set for me using real data. Would you believe it, working on real data for real transactions. Although a little scary, very encouraging. On first introduction, everything was a blur, from the lingo to the numbers. However, I am pleased to say, as the days have passed I’ve become more comfortable, spent a lot of time figuring things out for myself and asking for help when required. To top things off, I’ve built relationships with colleagues around my office trough to colleagues based in India! Exciting to say the least.

This week has also included team and individual meetings. I met with colleagues in Citizenship to finalise the arrangements of an event where I’ve volunteered to lead. With all the skill based talks and activities from last week, I’m looking forward to transferring this learning to others outside Barclays – an important gesture to give something back to the community.

I’ve rounded this week off by attending the Women Initiative Network giving me even more motivation, hints and tips for the remaining 7 weeks of my internship. It provided me with a real insight into the realistic nature of individual career journeys at Barclays and specifically how I can ensure I mould mine in the best way possible.  

No day has been the same, that’s exactly what I love about it. 10 down, 35 to go.