Emma Kingston - Technology Spring Week

I was surprised by how different the teams and their cultures were. It really showcased the diverse range of technology careers available at Barclays.

I’m Emma and I’m in the third year of my Computer Science degree. Around a year ago I decided I wanted to get a feel for what the technology industry could offer me when I graduate. After talking to Barclays at the University of Southampton’s career fair, I realised they were more than just a bank; they’re a technology company. I was intrigued, as this challenged some of my preconceptions around working in finance. I did some research before applying and was amazed by just how innovative and forward-thinking Barclays has always been. From the first ATM to services such as PingIt, it became clear how Barclays has been leading the way both in technology and banking.

The application process for the Spring Week was engaging right from the start. The video interview gave me a chance to see what I could expect from a week at Barclays and also allowed me to express my enthusiasm and motivation for applying.  After receiving my offer, I was excited to get started. Especially when I found out I’d be based both in Canary Wharf and other London offices. I was one of about 40 students attending the Technology Spring Week. And the best bit was that everyone came from a variety of educational backgrounds, not just Computer Science!

My week at Barclays was an intense, eye-opening experience consisting of several talks from senior employees and opportunities to talk to current graduates. It was interesting to gain insights into financial markets and see how Barclays operates in the UK and internationally, as well as learn about its Investment Bank sector. One particular highlight was the talk by Tracy Bessant on Global Technology Infrastructure Services. I enjoyed learning about her journey as a woman in technology and was inspired by her advice on owning our own journey to success.

We had two opportunities for work shadowing, one in the Investment Bank Software team and another at Barclaycard, which had more of a start-up feel. I loved meeting each team and seeing the variety in their day to day roles. I was also surprised by how different the teams and their cultures were. It really showcased the diverse range of technology careers available at Barclays.

We visited Barclay’s accelerator, Rise, and were set a team challenge to work on and present back to the group. The visit to the accelerator really showed the investment being put into new and emerging FinTech companies and came with lots of opportunities to network. We ended the week with another team presentation to some senior employees. My group presented on the Threats of Open Banking: a great introduction to what Open Banking entails and how it could affect the banking landscape. After participating in a final interview at the end of the week, I was delighted to receive an offer for a summer internship. I can’t wait to get stuck in as a Developer Analyst next summer!