Emily Pilkington

Did you know that the industry expects mobile payments to grow at 58.5% annually to 28.9 billion transactions in 2014?

I certainly didn’t until I spent a few days with the Pingit Product Managers; gaining an invaluable insight into the work which goes into developing a mobile solution aimed at revolutionising the payments market.

Innovation is a key focus for Barclays in its journey towards becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank and one of the main areas of development within the Corporate Bank is Pingit. Pingit allows corporates to facilitate quick, simple and secure mobile payments both to and from their customers, wherever and whenever they want.  

Mobile is a rapidly growing retail channel and companies need a payment platform to support this; especially given the findings of a recent survey that two thirds of mobile and tablet users have abandoned a purchase due to issues with the payment platform e.g. crashing or timing out. Pingit provides an intuitive customer experience, having been developed solely for mobile, which will lower sale abandonment rates and drive increased sales for retailers. 

I was initially concerned that I would be a burden during my time shadowing the team, but everyone was incredibly welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and experience. I was able to attend a number of meetings which gave me a real flavour of the work being completed in the Mobile Payments space and provided a fantastic opportunity to discover more about the role of a Product Manager.

During these few days I was able to gain an understanding of the work which goes into the development of a new product; including interpretation of technical requirements, development of marketing materials and assisting sales colleagues prepare for client meetings. One product which was particularly interesting to me was a tool which manages existing and potential Pingit clients, the development of which will allow us to maximise our ability to spot new opportunities.    

Mobile payments really is transforming into a whole new world. I am currently working to expand my knowledge of this cutting-edge aspect of the banking industry and hope to gain further experience through participating on projects with this fast moving team.