Emily Davis

Eighteen months ago I found out where I was going to be living and what I was going be doing for my first rotation on the corporate graduate scheme.

On a Tuesday morning I opened up my computer to one new email in my inbox. Heart beating I saw the subject line and paused for a moment. Then quickly I opened up the email and jumped to the second line and saw…

Location: Glasgow.

That was not what I had been expecting. Nevertheless, I packed my bags to move to Glasgow two weeks later. Now the point of this is not that I moved to Glasgow but rather that I was thrown in to the unexpected and the unknown.

I immersed myself in the new job and was fortunate to meet some fantastic colleagues over the course of my first year. I was also able to develop and fine tune my skills in an environment that really suited me and my learning style. In fact, I was so pleasantly surprised by my experience that a year after starting I made the choice to stay in Glasgow for my second rotation on the programme.

I try to bring what I learned from this situation to other unanticipated circumstances because it’s impossible to know how rich and wonderful the unexpected might be. Whether it’s a new project you’re taking on, a different location that you’re looking to move to, or even a different role that you’re applying for, they all represent opportunities to embrace the unexpected. Because sometimes, the best experiences and lessons stem from unforeseen circumstances.