Ella Blanthorn - Operations

"My advice? Even if something’s out of your comfort zone, just go for it."

In Payment and Deposits, there are three smaller teams. My team is called Rejected Entries, which essentially looks after funds going in and out of closed accounts. So when a customer pays money into a closed account or provides invalid account details, we make sure the funds end up where they belong.

Because of all the different types of payments, happening all around the world, my caseload is really varied. We also deal with things like fraud: we stopped 20 fraudulent payments in January alone. It’s about making the bank safer as well as protecting millions of customers – it makes my work really rewarding and fulfilling.

I started off on the Foundation Apprenticeship, which I’ve recently completed, and now I’m moving onto the Higher Apprenticeship. I joined Barclays pretty much straight from school as I just wanted to get earning. Soon after, I realised how welcoming and supportive it is here, especially at Radbroke Hall (in Knutsford) where there’s a great sense of community. In fact, last January I was the one tasked with bringing the Rejected Entries team over to Radbroke Hall. I had to learn new processes and then train a number of colleagues. I’ve seen first-hand that Barclays trust and believe in you. Decisions are yours to make and you’re treated like a colleague from day one.

You pack a lot into the apprenticeships, whether that’s taking on big projects, doing training or growing as an individual. My advice? Even if something’s out of your comfort zone, just go for it.

I’ve done so much at a relatively young age, and I feel I’ve got every opportunity to flourish even more.