Elizabeth Mimnagh

Starting a new degree is always a nerve-wracking experience. Moving to a new country is probably even scarier. How about doing both simultaneously..?

I have worked for Barclays since May 2012 and have loved it since my first day.

I did not initially start on the Degree Programme, but spoke to an incredibly supportive line manager about how I was feeling during my first few months in Barclays, and she suggested looking at the programme.

It sounded absolutely perfect for me: the programme allowed professional progression, and on top of that, a sponsored degree in Management and Leadership. I also noticed that the scheme allowed its entrants to relocate to other areas of the UK, should anybody be looking for a new adventure!

I made the decision to move from just outside of London to the chillier climes of Scotland when I started on the programme in September 2013. The only real challenge I’ve had so far is adjusting to the stronger accent! The staff in Glasgow are an incredibly friendly bunch, and we have enjoyed some great social occasions together.

Moving up here has presented me with so many opportunities. I’ve been able to go and support some of our smaller branches with their digital transition – coaching staff with the branch iPads and the free Barclays Apps. I’ve also had the opportunity to get together with some Graduate Scheme colleagues in Barclays Wealth to get a chance to learn from each other in our different areas of expertise. On a different note, I’ve had the chance to explore a new country, and Scotland really has some amazing things to offer!

Should anybody out there be considering a new move or adventure that is totally out of their comfort zone, I say: do it!! I have learnt so much in the past few months, and I’m incredibly excited to see what the rest of the year brings…