Ed - Markets Insight Game Winner

I decided to take part in the Barclays Markets Insight trading game to keep in tune with the stock market and develop a better insight into UK stocks. The platform was easy to use and encourages thorough research of a company before trading. I found myself checking news websites daily, such as Bloomberg and the FT.com, to better understand the economic events that could move my stocks. Depending on your investment philosophy the Stockfuse platform is flexible, providing you with the ability to trade daily or invest in the long term. The most important lesson for me was to stick to a game plan and not to be afraid of employing methods developed from my academic studies. I found trying to chase the leaderboard often led to untimely and reckless trading.

As a winner for the third round in EMEA, I was given the opportunity to visit Barclays in London and meet members of the sales and trading team. Stepping onto the trading floor for the first time is quite an experience; you instantly notice the diversity of the teams and the noise of the traders chatting with each other and their clients. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious and the team took a lot of pride in their work. The employees’ willingness to introduce us to members of each team and discuss their individual roles highlights Barclays’ emphasis on developing and supporting new talent. This exposure helped develop my understanding of how the sales, trading and research divisions interact to provide one complete service to their clients.

Anyone interested in the stock market should take part in this trading game.

The knowledge and skills you develop are invaluable and most notably if you do well you are presented with a great opportunity to meet the front office staff working at Barclays.