Dillon Nathwani - Wealth

“Whatever you aspire to be, Barclays will help you get there.”

As you’d expect in a team called Savings, Investment & Wealth Management, we take care of our clients’ savings, invest their money and grow their wealth. One thing that really drew me to Wealth was the relationship building element. We dedicate time to get to know our clients, making sure we intricately understand their long-term goals and ambitions.

In this increasingly digital world, Barclays are focused on innovation and emerging technologies all around the bank. It makes our work incredibly interesting: we get to think up big ideas and see where they take us. My thoughts and opinions are always heard, and there’s a genuine encouragement to be creative with what we do. 

I also really enjoy the analytical side of things, which is something I honed while studying Modern and Medieval Languages, and then Management, at the University of Cambridge. I use the skills I learned there every day because I’m having to do my research, build up a case and then present it back to others – something I did all throughout university. My degree subject itself has helped me no end: it was all about communication, which is absolutely vital in my role. So you really don’t need to come from a finance or economics background to be part of Savings, Investment & Wealth Management. 

I’d say that’s true across the bank. There are so many roles – some I didn’t even know existed – that could be perfect for you, no matter what you studied. Whatever you aspire to be, however you want to develop, Barclays will help you get there. For example, in Wealth, we’re sponsored to get finance qualifications and do all sorts of bespoke training. There’s a lot of investment in you both professionally and personally.

Sometimes, graduates feel they need to come in and immediately make their mark, to impress others. But be patient. Absorb everything you learn and go out and meet people outside of your team. Get involved with events, societies or groups that really interest you and start building your network. There are so many opportunities to tap into to help you realise your aspirations, and it’s all at your fingertips.