Dannielle Beechey

This year, Barclays will be the principal sponsor for the annual London Pride festival.

Pride is a celebration of LGBT culture, and a recognition of the challenges Londoners have fought against. It is a week-long festival which normally takes place at the end of June to mark the anniversary of the New York Stonewall riots in 1969.

Barclays campaign this year is centred on the theme of “Freedom to”. There are banners up all over 1 Churchill Place featuring colleagues stating the freedoms they are celebrating. It’s been great to hear their stories and be proud of the diverse work force that Barclays supports.

To support Pride, there are lots of exciting things going on. “GayTMs” (ATMs with an LGBT themed twist!) have been rolled out across London. The Barclaycard bPay band, a wristband that allows you to make contactless payments, is available in the run-up to Pride and beyond. There is also a charity campaign running on Pingit where you can donate money to Pride using just your smartphone and a QR code.

I’m looking forward to being there on the day, to celebrate the progress that’s been made and to look forward to the journey ahead for the LGBT community.