Cristina Smeu - Glasgow, Technology Summer Intern

"Not only have I been explicitly tasked with fostering excellence and driving positive change, I have been supported all throughout my journey."

I joined Barclays as a technology intern and spent a sunny summer in Glasgow working on the direct investment platform, Smart Investor. Not as a developer; there is actually a very broad spectrum of exciting roles in technology, such as Business Analysis, Solutions Architecture, and Release Management, to name just a few. The Graduate Recruitment team are dedicated to matching you to the position that suits your ability and interests. So, you don’t have to be a Java expert, but if you are and you would like to explore other roles, you will have plenty of opportunity.

In my role, I was tasked with analysing the technology delivery process within Smart Investor, from initiation and requirements analysis all the way through to release, identifying any critical constraints. I was also responsible for developing a clear and realistic strategy for improvement, in order to deliver a world-class service to our customers. This challenged me to engage with all teams, including Business and Compliance, Development and Testing, and even the actual bank branches – where I watched them interact with clients, so I could capture their real needs and expectations. And I was also exposed to senior members of the business, presenting my results and recommendations to the heads of Design, Development and Testing, directors, and managing directors. My work is already being implemented and should soon produce measurable results. So, Barclays really has given me the pride of knowing my work is actively contributing to the business and its clients.

It’s great to know the Barclays values – Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship (RISES) – aren’t just nice sounding words; they actually describe my internship perfectly. Not only have I been explicitly tasked with fostering excellence and driving positive change, I have been supported all throughout my journey in an environment that doesn’t put up hierarchical hurdles. I was encouraged to make my voice heard, introduce a fresh perspective and feel free to challenge the status quo.

Finally, I believe it’s a very exciting time to break into this industry, and working in technology at Barclays will place you at the heart of shaping tomorrow’s society. We have the ability to influence the world for the better, and this internship has given me the courage to make an impact – constantly asking why things are the way they are and questioning if they could be done better. You should never stop asking ‘why?’