Callie Wang

Last July, on my way back from my summer break, I received an email confirming my second rotation on the Corporate Banking graduate scheme.

To be honest, I had never thought about a sales-related role, but even though the opportunity pushed me outside of my comfort zone, I was excited to take it on and I have had no regrets about my decision.

Coming from an analytical background, a role as a trade originator has given me a lot of scope for adventure and excitement. With a well-structured induction plan and a lot of help from my friendly new colleagues, I have acquired an abundance of new trade product knowledge as well as developing my interpersonal skills. Preparing for client meetings and working on the development of marketing materials in a fast-moving sales environment continually stretches my limits and builds my confidence.

In February, as part of my current role, I worked closely with our regional marketing colleagues in planning and delivering an international trade round table discussion. As part of the round table we assessed the latest international trade trends and provided insights into the current fraud risks in the international trading environment. This was a great event for client engagement and one that has helped us to continue with our aim of becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank for our clients. 

Working to strict deadlines and tight budgets, I carefully managed risks and resources in order to meet our goals. I also acted as the first point of contact for our guests, ensuring that their needs were fully accommodated. Working with a large team helped me to develop my communication skills and ability to work with a variety of different people.

We often hear others say ‘you should step out of your comfort zone’ but this can be easier said than done. It takes time and effort to learn something new, especially when the task stretches your current limits, and one of the benefits of a rotational programme is that it provides a structured environment to explore different business areas within the bank and learn new things.

Never be afraid to try something new, because every opportunity can help you to build new skills.