Ben Murphy

Our guest feature will allow leaders from different parts of Barclays to share their experience of working at the bank. This week, hear from Ben Murphy, Degree Promgrammes Manager - Early Careers Team

As someone who left school at a young age, I often looked back with regret at some of my choices as I got older and, dare I say it, slightly wiser…

To know that we as an organisation offer the opportunity to many young people to change their lives despite their past choices, providing they show us their potential and commitment, speaks volumes.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my experiences of the Early Careers team on our brand new social media page.  I think this is a fantastic way to bring to life our successes and opportunities

I have worked for Barclays now for four years and I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made in relation to my personal development and career.  I started my journey in Barclays working in the telephony team in Liverpool Contact Centre.  This role was on the frontline serving our customers over the telephone.  I worked with some fantastic people but one of the main things I learnt is the impact you can have as just one person on our customers and on your own development, by maintaining high standards and determination.

I have to say that being a part of the Early Careers Team has been the most rewarding role of my career.  Starting with our apprenticeship programme right through to our degree programme I am proud that we have truly and want to go on truly changing people’s lives.  To play a part in helping many young people in to work and then offer an opportunity of a rewarding career thereafter really strikes a chord with me. 

I have seen first hand the dedication and passion of the Early Careers team to truly make a difference. I have also had the pleasure of seeing people take hold of opportunities, make the most of them and change their lives and careers forever. A few that spring to mind straight away are an apprentice that has been recognised with an award from the National Apprenticeship Service. A young unemployed person, who successfully secured an apprenticeship at Barclays, graduated and then progressed on to our HE certificate in leadership and management. 

In managing our degree programme I also now have the pleasure of seeing first hand how are degree programme trainees develop and grow in to accomplished leaders of the future.

We are a busy team, constantly evolving.  As well as the day to day, I am studying towards a professional HR C.I.P.D qualification, which is testament to the continuing development support I get from Barclays.  This is whilst balancing my other, but most important role as Dad to a very energetic toddler – and somewhere I manage to squeeze in time for my beloved Liverpool Football Club!