Ben - Inclusivity

I think the only way to be your best, most creative and most innovative - no matter what job you do – is to be able to be yourself.

When I was at university and I was looking at companies, I had heard of Barclays’ reputation for inclusivity.


Once I started to investigate further, I was really impressed with the different networks and the feeling of collaboration that Barclays encouraged.


As well as the general networking benefits and fantastic social events, I have actually seen the advantages of these networks in action. I was working on a project in my last role and a colleague I’d met through the Spectrum network was keen to contribute. It meant that the outcome of that project was even better.

I’d advise anyone who is passionate about inclusivity to be sure that the company you choose allows you to be as open as you want to be and that bringing your personality to work is seen as adding value to the business. I feel it is also important to not be afraid to talk about LGBT - talking lets a lot of other people open up. 


I’m very proud to work for an employer like Barclays, particularly regarding the sponsorship of Pride and other commitments to the LGBT agenda - not only in this country, but also in countries where there is not necessarily the level of openness we have here.