Anurag Roy - Pune

Being technology graduates, what could be better than making use of our technical skills to be able to help people who were deprived of it! And at Barclays we got this opportunity through a wonderful Corporate Social Responsibility project which we named “Project Horizon-something to look forward for”.

A tribal group in the Nilgiri region in South India runs a company named “Aadhimalai”. These people have been gifted with the skill to manufacture amazing daily use products using natural resources like soaps, honey, wax, etc. Currently, the sale of the products takes place through local vendors and an E-Commerce platform. However, middlemen, lack of inventory tracking and meagre infrastructure all contributed to low profits and massive delivery times. So “Project Horizon” aims to provide them with technical infrastructure and training to be able to maximize their resource usability and profits.

In return “Project Horizon” helped us transform from students to corporate graduates as we got the opportunity to practice project management skills right from planning to deployment and more importantly learn to identify challenges and address them as a TEAM. The project is so close to our hearts that being the owner of the project makes us feel proud and has helped us raise our profile throughout the organization.

Just as we have named this project-“Horizon” we are sure this is just the beginning towards a whole lot of change that we hope to bring about while working at Barclays.