Alison's story

"We often forget to praise the everyday women to whom we owe just as much."

Name: Alison Leavy, BUK Business Banking

Profile: David Stables, BUK Business Banking

Alison Leavy has been working at Barclays for over 7 years. She began her career in the Corporate Bank before joining the High Growth Team in 2016. She was promoted to a Vice President position just a few months ago, and now holds the title of a Senior Propositions Manager.

Alison sacrificed much of her time during my first few months in the team. Despite her heavy workload, she’s always been keen to share her knowledge, answer my silly questions and edit my deliverables to ensure I get them ‘just right’. Alison, or ‘Ali’ as we prefer to call her, has a phenomenal awareness of her surroundings. She diffuses stressful situations and has rescued me on numerous occasions when I’ve been perplexed by the tasks at hand. 

Moreover, Ali is the only woman in a team of big characters. But she takes this in her stride. Navigating the landmines of preconceived stereotypes unperturbed by the challenges she faces. At once the calming voice at the heart of the team and the centre of all its laughter, she’s become ‘one of the guys’ by being anything but a ‘guy’. 

Stories of inspirational women usually take the form of powerful women in powerful job roles. Important as they may be, we often forget to praise the everyday women to whom we owe just as much.