Adnan Fathallah – Functions Summer Intern

The supportive environment defines Barclays’ identity.

As university students with limited previous work experience, it is at times a struggle knowing which department would suit you best within a bank. This struggle was actually one of the main drivers behind my decision to apply for a summer internship in treasury. Treasury is the heart of the bank; it is the bank’s bank. I was told that an internship in treasury would give you the opportunity to be exposed to all the different areas within a bank; it would be a way for you to know exactly where you would fit best. Fast forward eight months, I am now finishing the last week of my treasury summer internship and I could not agree more with the aforementioned statements.

In treasury, the learning curve is steep.  The abundance of different teams covering diverse areas. Being based in Barclays International, I enjoyed the opportunity to see how the activities of the investment bank, the corporate bank or the private bank position BI in terms of funding and liquidity. Moreover, by conducting a peer analysis project with a fellow team member, I was able to evaluate Barclays’ position relative to its peers in both the EU and the US. 

This was a great hands-on learning opportunity. Furthermore, I personally really enjoyed the weekly talks by different senior managers ­– whether in treasury or finance as they gave us a really good insight into the different areas of the bank. Whether it was sitting and talking to Daniel Fairclough the treasurer of BI or to MDs in different areas of treasury or Finance, it has really been a privilege to learn from their experiences.

The supportive environment defines Barclays’ identity. No matter the position or department, I have been taken aback by how everyone is receptive to find some time in their busy schedule to have a coffee chat and share their experience and knowledge. I met senior directors in treasury, banking and markets. Getting different insights into various areas within the bank was a great learning opportunity that enabled me to better find myself in such an early stage of my career. The constant support I have received from my team created a great and enjoyable working environment that allowed me to expand my capabilities and self reliance. 

This experience far exceeded my expectations; I feel that I am now better positioned to tackle any new challenge thrown my way.”