Open to all cultures, all faiths, all people

Creating an inclusive culture is something we’re really passionate about. In fact, we want people from all cultures, faiths and nationalities to see us as their go-to bank. Across Barclays, we’re challenging stereotypes, celebrating multicultural awareness, and giving colleagues the opportunity to share their unique stories of who they are. We’re also supporting the recruitment, development and retention of ethnically diverse colleagues.

Whatever your religion, ethnicity, nationality or race, you’ll feel welcomed and supported with us. What's more, we’ll value your unique perspective and contribution.

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Embracing Us

Embracing Us is our internal campaign that focuses on challenging and shifting global stereotypes in relation to nationality, faith, ethnicity, race and language. Specifically, it aims to tackle how these stereotypes can manifest in the workplace.

The main priorities of the campaign are to:

  • Educate colleagues about the importance of embracing and promoting a multicultural workplace
  • Provide colleagues and managers with the tools and knowledge they need to confidently tackle stereotypical thinking wherever they find it.

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Join our Embrace network

Open to all employees, Embrace is the international network dedicated to promoting, championing and supporting our multicultural workforce. It currently has branches in the UK and US, as well as Hong Kong, Japan, India and Singapore.

Under the Embrace umbrella, we have several different nationality and faith-specific professional forums. These include our African, Asian, Black and Hispanic/Latino forums. We also have Christian, Jewish and Muslim forums.