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Leaving school can be daunting. Maybe you don’t have many (or any) qualifications right now. Or maybe you do, but you’re just not sure what you want to do with them. If you feel like your grades mean doors are closed to you, or you want to earn a degree or a professional qualification but know that university just isn’t on the cards for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Reece


Before I started at Barclays, I had just left school after finishing my GCSEs. I was at a bit of a loose end, to be fair. Life was good, but I wasn’t doing much and wanted to start something new – something I’d enjoy. I knew I wanted to try and find a good apprenticeship rather than going back to school or college. Then I found Barclays.

If I’m honest, I didn’t think a well-known bank would want someone who’s just fresh out of school. But, you know, there’s no harm in applying, so I did it and hoped for the best. And I’m so glad I did.

I’m currently working in the Retail Banking department, and I do so much on a day-to-day basis. Each call can be different: anything from transferring money for a new car to opening a savings account, and you never know what the customer is going to ask. It always makes me really proud that I’m helping them out as much as I can.

I’m equally proud to say that I’ve just finished my Foundation Apprenticeship. I’ve learned so much working here –about how banking works and why it’s so important. And considering what I knew at the start, I’ve come so far in the space of a year. I’ve had huge support and I know the opportunities are here for me to progress, so I’m already looking at my next Apprenticeship to help me go further within Barclays.

Reece, former Trainee now a Foundation Apprentice

What can I achieve at Barclays?

A lot, in fact. Our school leavers have as much responsibility as anyone else, and you’ll do real work from the start. Since we launched our apprenticeships, here’s what we’ve seen:  

  • Apprentices representing Barclays at the One Young World conference in Thailand and Canada
  • 2.8m young people using our LifeSkills resources
  • 93% of young people who join our programme stay and get their qualification
  • 65% of those young people come from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • 8% of those young people have no qualifications at all

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Opportunities for you

There are two different ways to join our business as an Apprentice – Foundation Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships. The best choice for you all depends on your goals, your experience, and what you’re comfortable with. 

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Foundation Apprenticeship

For school leavers with few (or no) qualifications, our Foundation Apprenticeships are exactly that – a foundation for a rewarding and lasting career. You’ll find good career progression, gain work experience and a qualification, and you’ll earn a competitive salary. Then, if you pass all your exams, you’ll automatically move on to become an Advanced Apprentice as part of the programme. Your age, background, experience and education won’t hold you back. And our support will help you explore the many opportunities ahead, from full-time roles to Higher Apprenticeships.

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Higher Apprenticeships

For some people, university is a bit of a non-starter. Whether it’s the expense, the pressure, the three extra years of study – it’s just not for you. But this could be. If you’ve got 80 UCAS points predicted or achieved from 2017 onwards, or 200 UCAS points or more pre-2017, then our Higher Apprenticeship might be your answer. Earn as you learn, gaining a university level or professional qualification, and hopefully building a lasting career with us.  

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