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Age is no barrier for our apprentices

When it comes to your potential, age just isn’t a factor for us. There’s no upper limit on any of our opportunities, whether you’re 55 or 85. A Barclays Apprenticeship is your opportunity to make the most of your experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re returning to work after early retirement or raising a family, looking for a career change, or stepping into finance for the first time – if you want to put your experience to use, come to Barclays.

Meet Angela


Life before Barclays was hard as a mature job seeker. I’d been a carer for a while, and stopped working for a few years because of that, but once I started trying to get back into work, it was tough. I was trying a lot of back-to-work programmes, and the job centre, but it was a struggle.

It was then that I found the Barclays Apprenticeship programme. When I applied, I was nervous, maybe a little bit excited – but if I’m absolutely honest, I never thought they would take someone my age with no banking background.

I was completely wrong about that one, obviously. Today, I’m an Essential Banker, and my main job is supporting customers with their day-to-day banking. I help them on the kiosk, at ATMs, and I’m particularly focussed on providing an engaging experience for our more mature customers. I even talk to some of them about considering an apprenticeship for themselves!

When I look back on what I’ve done since I started, I couldn’t be prouder of the decision I made. I completed my training, and I got to celebrate my graduation with my mother, my daughters, and my colleagues – and I can’t say how special that moment was for me.

Angela, former Apprentice now an Essential Banker

Opportunities for you

In our experience, age doesn’t matter - it’s all about what you want to achieve. You might think it’s too late to start a new career, or you might think your skills aren’t right for banking, but we know you can do great things with us, though programmes like these:

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Foundation Apprenticeships

Our Foundation Apprenticeships are exactly that - a foundation for a rewarding and lasting career. You'll get first-hand work experience and gain professional qualifications, all while earning a competitive salary. And with constant, personalised support you'll explore the many opportunities ahead for you at Barclays, from full-time roles to Higher Apprenticeships. 

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Higher Apprenticeships

No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to think about getting a degree or a professional qualification. With our Higher Apprenticeship programme, you can earn as you learn, gaining a university-level or professional qualification as well as setting yourself up with a permanent career.

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