Take a new step in your current career

Our Apprenticeships are a great way to find your path – even if you already have a job with us. If you feel like you want to progress but don’t have the right qualification, or you just want a new challenge from your work with us, our programmes could be ideal for you. This is the chance to open new doors and build your momentum, all with our full support.

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Meet Genelle


I’ve actually worked at Barclays for more than 10 years – first as a Cashier, then as a Moment Banker. I was eager to progress my career, but I made the decision to stay on in Retail until my children were old enough to give me more flexibility.

When I first came across the Higher Apprenticeship programme through the Barclays intranet, it was a bit of a miracle. I was giving some serious thought to moving on, continuing my studies and getting a degree, but I didn’t know how I’d juggle it or afford it. Then I found this programme.

It’s amazing that as a Barclays colleague, all these opportunities are right at your feet. There’s nothing to stop you from going for it, and the Higher Apprenticeship programme is just the thing to get you on your journey. Everyone has a chance at getting a place, and once you’re there, the level of support is overwhelming. 

Your background, your age, your department – all of that just doesn’t matter.

Even at application stage, you’ve got incredible support on your side. There’s a whole team to help you manage the transition into your new role, and to help you plan for the future. What makes it special for me is how we’re all treated. From being a Cashier to being a Moment Banker to being an Apprentice, it’s clear that Barclays genuinely cares – and that means everything. 

Genelle, Higher Apprentice

Opportunities for you

If you already work for Barclays, you might think an apprenticeship would be a step back. Far from it. All over the business, our apprentices are doing extraordinary things – why don’t you join them. 

Watch Craig's video to hear his thoughts on Apprenticeships and then explore our opportunities to see what's next for you:

Download a transcript of Craig's video here

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Higher Apprenticeships

Ready to take the next step on your journey with Barclays? Join our Higher Apprenticeships programme and you’ll be supported to study for a new university-level or professional qualification while you work with us. You’ll face new challenges and open new doors for yourself within our business – all for free.

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