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Unemployment is a tricky thing at any age. Everyone wants you to have recent experience, but no-one’s willing to give you any. Well, we are. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been unemployed or what skills you have. You might never have worked at all. We’re here to help you crack unemployment, and start building a career you can be proud of.

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Meet Brian


I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries over my life, from IT Management to Air Traffic Control. But then, almost overnight, I found myself unemployed and my life pretty much ground to a halt. I was applying for jobs and getting nowhere, and I’d started to seriously believe I’d never work again

Then my work coach in the Jobcentre mentioned Barclays Apprenticeships. It immediately piqued my interest, and I was one of the first to join the programme.

Before, I was just trying to fill my days – but now they’re jam-packed. I spend most of my time in the banking hall, helping customers with queries, maintaining the self-service machines, and guiding people through our new technology. I even man the hot desk for our personal bankers, and that’s seen me learn a lot more about other aspects of the banking world.

I can’t believe the leaps forward I’ve made here. Apart from my recent graduation, I’ve also won awards for my service, and spoken to audiences from MPs to heads of industry.

Honestly, if someone had told me the things I’d achieve at this point in life, I never would have believed them. The Barclays Apprenticeship has absolutely restored my faith in myself and my abilities. It’s truly something special.

Brian, Former Foundation Apprentice and current Advanced Apprentice

What can I achieve at Barclays?

It’s completely up to you and your potential. People just like you join us every day, and since the programme started, we’ve seen:

  • People like Lewis, who was unemployed and living in a hostel before joining our programme, and who now has his own flat
  • People like Kelly, who told us: “I’ve gone from being unemployed and job-searching to full-time employment, learning every day, and being pushed to better myself.”

Opportunities for you

So, if you're out of work and think you think all doors are closed to you. Think again. If you're over 16 and out of work, we can help you get the experience you need to move forward.

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Foundation Apprenticeships

If you've been out of work or never had a job, our Foundation Apprenticeships are the route to a rewarding and lasting career. You'll gain first-hand work experience and professional qualifications, all while earning a competitive salary. And with constant, personalised support, you'll explore the many opportunities ahead for you at Barclays, from Higher Apprenticeships to full-time roles. 

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Higher Apprenticeships

Whether you left secondary school a couple of weeks ago or a couple of decades ago, it’s never too late to think about getting a degree or a professional qualification. On our Higher Apprenticeship you’ll earn as you learn with us, setting yourself up with a permanent career.

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