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You've gone to college and now you're facing a big question: what's next? You're not sure if uni is for you. Because you want something different. Something that kindles your imagination and puts your drive and ideas to use - now. With the chance to gain everything from professional qualifications to university degrees, our apprenticeships could open up a whole world of possibilities. 

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Meet Cordelia


I had looked at Apprenticeships before, but I’d never found one I thought would be perfect for me. Then I came across Barclays Apprenticeships. I wanted somewhere with a lot of room for growth and stability – and I knew Barclays could provide me with just that.

When I finished secondary school, I felt sure fashion was the path I wanted to follow. I enrolled in college to study Business for Fashion Retail, and I worked part time in a clothes shop alongside that. But I was never completely happy. I was struggling with the balance of work and college, and to be honest, I’d lost the passion for what I wanted to do.

Obviously banking wasn’t something I was used to at all, so I can’t say I didn’t have doubts. I was nervous about making that kind of decision – something so different from what I’d studied. But looking back, I have to say, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Today, I’m an Essential Banker within Barclays – which means I help customers with their day-to-day transactions, whether that’s navigating our in-branch devices or using our counter services.

Whilst I work full-time, I’m also studying for my certificate in Retail Banking – and Barclays makes that so much easier to manage. Where I’d previously struggled with that kind of life balance, I’ve now got a talent coach to help keep me on my journey.

Cordelia, Foundation Apprentice

Opportunities for you

This is only the start for you. Watch Afam's full video to hear his thoughts on Apprenticeships and then explore our opportunities to see what's next for you:

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Higher Apprenticeships

University isn’t for everyone – but if you’ve got your college qualification, this might be exactly what you need. On our Higher Apprenticeship, you’ll earn as you learn – going straight into the world of work, but studying towards a professional qualification or a university degree at the same time.

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Foundation Apprenticeships

If college didn't work out for you, or you've lost the drive for the subject you chose, it can be tough to know what to do next. But on our Foundation Apprenticeships, your progress won't go to waste. Lasting up to two years, you'll get started in the working world as you gain new qualifications. And remember, if you've got A-levels (or equivalent), you could also consider our Higher Apprenticeships.

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Technology Apprenticeships

If you’re getting ready to leave college and you’ve got an interest in the latest technology, this is your chance to break into the sector that defines our future. You don’t need any experience, you don’t need to be able to code, and as always, you can be any age. There are two different options here for different levels of study – Technology Foundation and Technology Higher.

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