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You shouldn’t be defined by a physical condition, chronic illness, or disability. And you shouldn’t be held back by it or by potential employers either. From the moment you apply, we’ll be beside you, making sure nothing and no-one stand in your way. From adjusting our initial application procedures to providing counselling and making your working environment work for you, we’ll set the stage for you to be your best self.

Meet Jane


Before joining Barclays, I was very low in confidence and felt no employer would give me a chance to prove I was capable. When I came across this opportunity with Barclays, all of this changed.

When I was 15, my local optician noticed some abnormalities to the retina at the back of my eye. I had been having problems for a few years previously so I was pleased I was finally being taken seriously. Eventually, I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Stargardt’s disease.

I didn’t have a very positive experience throughout my final years at school, which meant I didn’t achieve the exam results I had hoped for. I started doing voluntary work for a charity in Newcastle, Henshaws Society for Blind People. Working with people there showed me that I was just as capable as anyone else at getting a job, and it gave me the confidence to apply for the apprenticeship with Barclays.  

I disclosed I had a disability during the interview stage of my application and from then, Barclays couldn’t do enough to help.

I finished my apprenticeship a few years ago and I now work as an Essential Banker in one of the UK branches. My day-to-day role involves assisting customers with their everyday banking needs.

I manage to do my job just the same as my colleagues, I just need a few extra tools. I use an electronic magnifier and magnification software on my computer.  I could not fault Barclays as an employer, there’s nothing else they could’ve possibly done to help me. 

I would recommend the Barclays apprenticeship scheme to anyone, despite whether they have a disability or not. It is a great opportunity and Barclays is a great company to work for.

Jane, Essential Banker, former Foundation Apprentice

Opportunities for you

We want to make sure you never feel held back. Whatever your situation, we'll be there to support you. Explore below to find out more about our programmes and how we're helping to break down the barriers to work.

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Foundation Apprenticeships

Our Foundation Apprenticeships are exactly that - a foundation for a rewarding and lasting career. You'll get first-hand work experience and gain professional qualifications, all while earning a competitive salary. And with constant, personalised support you'll explore the many opportunities ahead for you at Barclays, from full-time roles to Higher Apprenticeships. 

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Higher Apprenticeships

University isn’t right for everybody. On our Higher Apprenticeship, you’ll earn as you learn – working towards a degree or professional qualification whilst you work at Barclays. Surrounded by practical experience and thorough support, it’s the ideal start to big things with us.

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