Apprenticeships are open to everyone

If you can’t see yourself in any of the groups we’ve mentioned, don’t worry. The good news is, at Barclays, we’re open to anyone who wants to succeed. If you want to be an apprentice and don’t see your social group, then we want you to be the first.

At the same time though, you might be looking for a graduate role or a non-apprenticeship role within Barclays, and that’s fine too. Have a look at our programmes, and see what’s right for you.

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Barclays Graduates

If you’ve already got a degree and you’re looking for your first job after university, Barclays Graduates might be a better choice for you. As a graduate with Barclays, you’ll help our bank build its momentum, and we’ll support you to build yours. Whichever area of the business you join, you’ll enjoy brilliant support and training, and you’ll use your skills to do something momentous – for us, for our customers and for your career.

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Careers at Barclays

If an apprenticeship isn’t right for you and you’d rather go straight into a role at Barclays, you can do that too. With fantastic opportunities in all kinds of roles, you’ll join a team where innovation is part of the everyday; where we share our knowledge; and where we all work together to help our business and our customers move forward.

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