Who can be a Barclays Apprentice?

The short answer? Anyone. We mean it. Absolutely anyone can be a Barclays Apprentice. You might be leaving school – or maybe you never went. You could be unemployed, changing careers, retired – or even already working at Barclays. You could have a physical or mental disability, or a condition that makes it harder to find work, for any reason. Whoever you are, there’s one guarantee: there’s an apprenticeship here for you, with all the heartfelt support and training you need.

Ever since we launched our Apprenticeships, we’ve worked hard to create more and more options for people looking to build a career. Every Apprentice matters to us. If you have the right attitude and personality, and you’re willing to work hard, we’re here to back you all the way.

To get started, find the group that most reflects you below and explore how we’re opening up our apprenticeships to you – and meet others who’ve already been where you’re heading. There might even be more than one, so feel free to explore.