Entering (or re-entering) the world of work can be a tough nut to crack. If you don’t have experience, how do you get any? And if your skills are rusty, where can you turn? Right here. 

Our Traineeship is a short course designed to give you the advice, techniques, experience and opportunity you need to get ready for work. All for free.

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About the programme

What exactly is a traineeship? How does it prepare you for Foundation? What’s the difference? So many questions; time to answer them:

What will I do?

Our Traineeship will prepare you for the working world – and a career at Barclays. All you need to be is over 16, and either currently unemployed or with little to no work experience. Most importantly, you need to be keen to improve your skills, learn new ones, and find work. In other words, we’re looking for a spark of potential in you – and don’t worry, we’re good at spotting it, even if you’re not sure it’s there.

How will my programme be structured

You’ll begin with a period of relaxed and informal training run by one of our external partners. This will last for four weeks, building your skills – things like making a great first impression and performing well in job interviews. If you need to develop your English or Maths skills, we’ll support you with those too.

Then it’s on to work experience, usually with Barclays. You’ll go on a placement that will last up to two weeks, depending on the amount of experience you have. During this placement you’ll watch and learn from others and get involved yourself. You’ll gain valuable exposure to the workplace, build your confidence and meet great new people. Then, once you’re trained and ready, we’ll set you up with an interview for our Foundation Apprenticeship.

A career that builds

You’re not just signing up to some one-off training here. Pass your traineeship and here’s what’s open to you:

Meet Afam

It’s been a life-changing experience. I have been put in a position that I could have only dreamt of, and I’ve made my family so proud.

Before joining Barclays on my traineeship, I had certain ideas about what an apprenticeship would be. I didn’t think it would be real, actual work. But I was so wrong. Since I started, I’ve entered such a buzzing environment, full of ambitious people.

And that’s driven me too – from Traineeship to Foundation to Advanced to Higher, I’ve kept moving forward. I would never have imagined four years ago that I would have gained so much knowledge and skills that I'm now able to support other bankers in my department.

I certainly see my career remaining with Barclays, so many doors have opened for me and I've gained fantastic experience. With this level of opportunity, it's obvious to me that I've made the right choice. Once I finish my Higher Apprenticeship, I’m going to work hard to secure a leadership position, because I know I can add value and feel valued here.

Afam, former Trainee and current Higher Apprentice

Download a transcript of Afam's video here

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