2017 Champions of an Ageing Workforce

We're very proud to be recognised as part of the 2017 BITC awards.

The award focuses on the fact that more than 10m people in the UK are 65 and over, and that this figure will be at around 19m by 2050. People are living longer, so they’re working longer – and that may well mean seeing future teams that span up to four generations.

In the words of the BITC, this award is given to ‘businesses that are responding to these emerging needs’ and attempting to create and maintain ‘fair and productive workplaces’ for all generations.

With all that in mind, we’re honoured to accept this award for our apprenticeship programmes. You really might be 16 or 65 when you join our programme, and this award proves the work we do to make that a reality.

Watch our winners video here