Not your average Masters

Help us identify the brightest leaders of leaders

Meet the programme that’s taking talented leaders to new heights: the Masters Apprenticeship. Each year, we’re offering this programme to a select group of colleagues at AVP to Director level, giving them the chance to advance their skills and our bank, as they study for a Masters apprenticeship in leadership, incorporating an MSc in Business and Strategic Leadership at Cranfield University. Naturally, we need candidates with huge potential – and we need your help to find them.  

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Why suggest your colleague?

Grow their skills and your team
Our Masters apprentices build brilliant business acumen to bring back to their team.
Retain their talent
Make sure the rising stars of our bank know they have something to aspire to inside Barclays.
Drive our global reputation
As the first UK bank to offer a qualification like this, the Masters Apprenticeship helps make us a role-model employer.
Help achieve our purpose
In giving stellar colleagues opportunities to rise, we’re raising the game of our whole bank.

Who can be a Masters Apprentice?

To be eligible for the programme, your colleague will need to be:

  • AVP to Director level
  • Strong to Outstanding in their last performance review
  • Based in England for at least 50% of their time at work
  • Allowed to work in the UK (see the FAQs for more detail on this)
  • Able to attend an induction in March 2019 and start their studies in May

One of the following: 

  • Degree-educated with a minimum 3 years of management experience
  • Non-degree-educated with a minimum 7 years of experience
  • An alumnus of either the Barclays Higher Apprenticeship or the Barclays Graduate programme, who'll have 18 months of post-programme business experience by March 2019

Please note: eligibility doesn't guarantee your colleague a place, and we'll be ranking applicants to find the top 30 most promising candidates for the programme. Having said that, if we're oversubscribed with exceptional candidates, there's a chance we may offer some colleagues the opportunity to defer to the following year's cohort.

Putting your colleague forward – do’s and dont's


  • Consider your commitment and the impact on your team
  • Handpick one or two colleagues and approach them privately
  • Make sure your colleague is eligible
  • Give them enough time to decide
  • Send them to joinus.barclays/masters for more information


  • Recommend more people than you could spare
  • Ask around for volunteers: handpick your candidates instead
  • Leave it too late for your colleague to make a fair application
  • Pressure or rush your colleague to say yes – they don’t have to
  • Assume your colleague now has a place – it’s competitive


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